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Aissia Richardson
Democrat for State Representative

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Better Schools

Philadelphia schools need to be guaranteed safe and free from lead and asbestos. In addition, we need additional classes to better prepare students with financial literacy and technical training.

Funding Violence Prevention Programs

We need a slate of new programs to resolve conflict on social media without violence and create new opportunities, including employment, afterschool, and summer enrichment.

Supporting Businesses, Creating Jobs

We need to remove unnecessary regulations and create new business corridors, which will increase access to good jobs. Create a One-Stop Shop for Business Support in the City regarding licenses, certifications, taxes and zoning.


There needs to be a comprehensive discussion on how to greatly reduce or eliminate homelessness in our City. There is no reason that more affordable units are not available, which can be fixed through greater collaboration. Housing development should have a formula for affordable, workforce and market rate housing.

Increased Funding for Modern Transportation

Cars need to share the streets with pedestrians and bikes. We need to develop and repair infrastructure, including bike lanes, bus lanes, and additional curb cuts.

Diversifying Arts and Culture Funding

There is little doubt about the economic impact of arts and culture, but minorities and low-income communities have been left out of critical program funding in this area. We need to fix this to make neighborhoods as successful.

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